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And if we compare the increase in the ratio of debt with the Australian Bureau of Statistics measure of national economic wellbeing real net national disposable income the recent increase in debt certainly looks out of whack: So we have strong rises in housing debt due to house prices going up especially in Sydney and to a lesser extent in Melbourne doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 at a time that wages and income growth is weak. That is not a combination that is sustainable, and it is a combination that is worrying given we have record levels of debt. If we were to try to calm everyone about debt, we could say that, yes, debt-to-income is rising, but so too are asset values. The ratio of debt-to-asset values is well down on the record highs of description Registrar home loan three years ago: Partly this is because the price of houses (assets) has been rising faster than the level of debt, and because, with low interest rates, people are able to pay off the debt quicker. And while it is good that asset prices are rising faster than we are accumulating debt, that ratio only works so long as the asset prices keep rising and interest rates stay low. It can get ugly quickly if house prices fall, or interest rates start going up. Lowe mentioned this aspect, and the prime minister has been quick to echo his statement that it is hard to escape the conclusion that we need to address the supply side if we are to avoid ever-rising housing costs relative to our incomes. Within this debate has also been talk of population growth especially that of migration. And yet migration figures are down from levels hit at the end of the mining boom, and even the recent peak of December 2012: And interestingly, there has also been in that time a supply boom especially in apartments and flats: The boom in apartment construction came at a time when our migrant intake began to fall. So big has been the surge in apartment construction especially in Melbourne and Brisbane that the RBA is worried about an oversupply of such housing. And then there is the problem of bank-lending practices.

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